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Audit Services For Sdn Bhd (REQUEST A QUOTE)

The Audit Work and Quotation all depend on the job Scope and time cost bases.

Kindly find up the below Total Annual Sales, Expenses and Fixed Assets information. 

Then Add to Cart, fill up company name and Telephone and email. Then we will give you the quotation.

After accept the quote, kindly proceed for payment.

Then it will generate the order Ticket to courier our work.


Kindly Provide Below Information Let Us Give You Better Quotation


Audit Fees for Sdn Bhd (Min. Fees RM1200 [exclude SST and out of pocket expenditure])

After payment received, we will proceed with the initial audit process.

Kindly export the Company’s soft copy accounting documents and email to us.

  1. Profit and Loss for the financial year
  2. Balance Sheets as at year end
  3. General Ledger for the financial year
  4. Trial Balance as at year end
  5. Debtors and Creditors Balance as at year end
  6. Debtors and Creditors Aging as at year end
  7. Fixed Assets listing as at year end
  8. Bank Reconciliation as at year end
  9. Debtor and Creditors Ledger (3 month after year ended)
  10. General Ledger (3 month after year ended)