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Why Outsource?

Four Advantages:

1. Outsourcing is Cost Effective 

If you are a small to medium sized business, employing someone full time to maintain your accounts or compute your monthly payroll is not cost effective.

When you outsource your accounting or payroll to us, you do not have to worry about EPF or SOCSO contributions, annual leave, etc, which is part of the cost of maintaining an accounting staff.

2. Reduce Financial Year End Workload and Stress

We handle the finalising of your accounts at year end, and, in consultation with you, liaise with your auditors to provide them with the necessary statements, schedules and information to have your audit completed.

For payroll, we will prepare the necessary forms like Borang E and Borang EA for submission to Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri, so there is no last minute rush on your side to compile the information and prepare the forms on time.

3. Timely Information

You get monthly management reports which include Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Accounts with schedules so you can review the historical performance of your business and plan accordingly.

You do not have to worry about annual/sick leave, staff resigning and other problems associated with employing an in-house accounting staff.

4. Experience

Our team have accumulated years of experience in accounting, payroll and audit, in a variety of business from service to manufacturing and even plantation.

Your business benefits from this experience at a cost less than that of employing an inexperienced accounts clerk.