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CCN(NF 1332) and CCNG Sdn Bhd (1219104-X)(201701004939)

Chartered Accountants  特許會計師行 

Office Address:
585, 2nd Floor, Lorong Kemuning 1,
Taman Kemuning, 09000 Kulim,
Kedah, Malaysia

Telephone: +60 4 485 6012


Mr Ng | HP 「whatsapp logo」的圖片搜尋結果: +60 17 486 6665 | Email : [email protected]

Eric Ng | HP: +60 12 439 3639 | Email : [email protected]


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    Engagement Letter for Payroll Services

    Dear __________________________________________________,

    Thank you for choosing CCNG Sdn Bhd to assist you with your payroll needs. This letter is to inform you, our client, of what services we can provide to you, what responsibilities you have, and what our responsibilities are.

    Payroll Calculations

    We will prepare your payroll in a manner consistent with the Malaysia law. However, the law clearly holds you accountable for the accuracy of your records. We cannot act upon information that we do not have. Therefore, we will prepare your payroll based on the information you provide to us.

    All of your records and documents should be kept for a period of 7 years. After this period, the documents are destroyed in a safe manner.

    Services are invoiced separately and include:
    Calculating payroll for your employees monthly.
    Provide upload data for direct online transfer for your employees.
    Calculate EPF
    Calculate Socso and EIS
    Calculate PCB for personal Tax payment
    Calculate HRDF
    Upload EPF, Socso, EIS, PCB and HRDF online for direct payment.

    Please Signature below


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