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Our Fee

Fees for Secretarial Services

We are the Market Leader when come to Transparency in pricing, our secretarial fee always free from hidden charges and Disbursement.


Annual Return: RM250 (RM150 payable to SSM, Our fee is only RM100)
Secretarial fee: RM80/month (we bill once every 3 months in advance)
Normal resolution: FOC
( e.g : open bank account and hire purchase resolution;those resolution that does not require file to CCM)
Allotment of shares: RM 200
Increase authorize share: RM200 plus fee charges by CCM (as listed below)
Appointment of new director: RM100
Removal of director: RM100
Resign + appoint of director: RM100
Change of company name: RM400 (Including new share certificate book & common seal)
Change object clause: RM100
Transfer share: RM150
Stamping fee for share transfer: The higher of RM13 or every RM3 for RM1,000 in value of shares
CTC charges: RM5 each set (Form49, 44, 24 and M&A)
Courier charges: RM15

Fees to SSM for Authorized Capital

Not more than RM400,000 = RM1,000.00
RM400,000 to RM500,000 = RM 3,000.00
RM500,000 to RM1,000,000 = RM5,000.00
RM1,000,000 to RM5,000,000 = RM8,000.00
RM5,000,000 to RM10,000,000 = RM10,000.00
RM10,000,000 to RM25,000,000 = RM20,000.00
RM25,000,000 to RM50,000,000 = RM40,000.00
RM50,000,000 to RM100,000,000 = RM50,000.00
More than RM100,000,000 (Maximum) = RM70,000.00

The above fees are free of any other disbursement except 6% Govt Services Tax