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The usage of EPF I-Akaun

Now you can register an EPF I-Akaun through internet to check, update and make change through your EPF I-Akaun. It is very user friend and it help you to save a lot of time. Here is the usage: Employee 1. Request for e-Pegeluaran 2. Check your EPF statement 3. Check your withdrawal application status 4. Check the eligible amount for withdrawals, savings and investment. 5.Up...
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EFP i-Akaun 的用处 你知道了吗?

EPF i-Akaun 是公积金会员在公积金网络注册的户口。 现在公积金会员可透过EPF I-Akaun查询,更新和处理公积金状态。 EPF i-Akaun 有很多的用处: Employee 1. 申请提取公积金存款 2. 查询EPF  Statement 3. 查询可领投资的数额 4. 更新个人资料 Employer 1.为会员缴付公积金 2.应用e-CTML功能 3.为员工注册公积金户口 4. 计算业主公积金利息 5.查询缴付公积金的状态
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EPF dividend rate in 2015 reduce to 6.40%

According to M Shanmugam The Alternative View (2016), IT is that time of the year when the Employees Provident Fund (EPF), the guardian of some RM650bil worth of funds belonging to private sector workers, declares its annual dividend. Last year it declared a dividend of 6.75% - the highest in recent years. This year, taking the fragility of our economy into account, the dividend declared is ...
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  (吉隆坡20日讯)雇员公积金局(EPF)周六宣佈,该局2015年的派息率为6.40%,比2014年的6.75%,稍微低。 公积金局主席丹斯里三苏丁奥斯曼今日傍晚表示,在获得财政部的批准后,该局在2015年派息6.40%,派息总额为382亿4000万令吉。 他指出,公积金局在2015年,每派1%的利息就需派出59亿8000万令吉,比起2014年1%利息等于54亿3000令吉,高出10.13%。 三苏丁解释,这主要是因为公积金局的总资产稳健地成长,到2015年12月31日,该局的总资产已经达到6845亿3000万令吉。 他今日傍晚发表文告称,该局在2015年12月31日财政年的总收入达到442亿3000万令吉,比2014的总收入390亿8000万令吉,增长了13.18%。 他说,虽然2015年的经济极不稳定,但该局的多元投资策略,使得该...
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Due date for submitting your income tax return form.

A friendly reminder!! Due date for submitting is just around the corner. Is our  responsibility as people in Malaysia whose have earn income on last year to submit the form and pay tax base on the tax rate set by the government. Due date for the submission of return form as follows : Due Date Form People 30th April BE Form for individuals without business source 30th Jun...
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每个大马有收入的公民都有职责报。 只要你在马来西亚工作或做生意,你就有必要报税! 其实很多人都不明白,报税和缴税的分别。 报税只是呈报你在过去一年的财务状态给政府知道。 而缴税是把收入的税务交给政府。 以下是2016年的报税日期! 要记得报税啊!不然会被罚款的! 打工一族 4月30日 生意人士 6月30日 打工一族(非大马人民) 4月30日 生意人士(非大马人民) 6月30日 合作伙伴 6月30日
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What you need to know about income tax.

The tax season rolls around 1st March - 30th April is just around the corner, when filing in at Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri (LHDN or Hasil) or online many financial, technical and even legal considerations to be taken into account. BUT don't worry we will explain one by one to help you to understand. Let us start...... Malaysia Personal Income Tax Rates 2015 Remember this two things: Tax ra...
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